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Expert NYC Masonry Services

masonry services NYCEden Brick Pointing Contractors is the preferred name to rely on in order to get the quality work you need for NYC masonry services. We provide a wide variety of masonry services for both residential and commercial clients, and have been doing so since 2003. We take this line of work seriously and that is evident in the results that we get for all of our customers. Don't take chances with the quality of work that goes into your project – call our top rated pros today.

From brick work to stucco, cement, and block work, you can rely on our company for all types of masonry services in NYC. With the expertise and tools of our professional contractors, your project is sure to finish on time, within budget, and with superior quality results. See why were the local NYC brick pointing company local residents and businesses rely on for their masonry service needs. Call Eden Brick Pointing Contractors today for an estimate!

Brick Pointing | Tuckpointing | Spot Pointing

brick pointing NYCIn order to restore the look, and enhance the overall quality of your brick surfaces and structures, you need to call on us for your brick pointing, tuckpointing and spot pointing. If you know that you are in need for new mortar between your bricks, give us a call as soon as possible so that we can enhance the look and protect the structural integrity.

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Brick Grinding

Brick Grinding NYCTo cut your bricks, including cutting holes in them, we can take care of this for you. We look forward to showing you how we have earned the impeccable reputation that we have for this and all NYC brick pointing contractor related service needs.

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Brick Repair & Replacement

brick repair NYCThe important thing about getting repair or replacement for your bricks, is knowing you can trust the professional that you are working with to provide you with honest feedback about which one you need. Too many less than professional contractors will convince customers they need the more extensive work in order to make more money from the project that they are doing.

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Stucco Services

stucco services NYCStucco is another popular exterior siding material and for plenty of good reasons. So when you know that you are in need of installation or repairs, make the smart choice and make it a point to call on us.

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Cement Services

Cement Services NYCYou want to be confident that your cement surfaces and structures are of the highest quality. The last thing that you need is to use such a sturdy material but have it crack and fall apart due to shoddy workmanship.

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Block Work

Block Work NYCFor buildings that are built to last, you can rely on us to provide you with the level of quality block work you deserve. There is no reason to accept inferior workmanship when we can provide you with the best of the best.

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Parapet Walls

Parapet Walls NYCParapet walls are extension walls, usually located on the roof and usually around 3 feet in height. They can be installed for a number of good reasons, but it is the quality of the work that really matters. This is why locals call on us to get this type of work completed.

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Window Sills & Window Lintels

window sills lintels NYCYour window sill is located below the window while your lintel is above the window. Both are used to help protect the window and keep it in place, but should also add a level of visual aesthetics, too.

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California Stucco

California Stucco NYCFor the finest in quality stucco, only California Stucco will do. Let us provide you with a material known for its durability, insulation and stunning good looks.

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Thorocoat | Thoroseal

thorocoat NYCNYC thorocoat or thoroseal is the last stage in providing you with the quality of protection needed to extend the longevity of your structure. Keep moisture out and help save your walls or structure with this applied substance.

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If you need masonry services in NYC, please call 718-729-3121 or complete our online request form.

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