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The 4 Benefits Of Stucco Finish

What your home looks like from the outside is what makes a long-lasting impression to anyone who visits. You want to make sure your siding is attractive as well as functional. Stucco is a classic finish choice that has been around for years and is well-loved by homeowners across the country.Read More

Bricks Vs. Concrete Blocks: Which Is Better?

Both concrete block and traditional clay brick are durable, fire-resistant, and insect-proof. They also have a lot of thermal mass, meaning they can retain heat, which makes up for their lower insulation power.Read More

5 Excellent Benefits Of Brick Pointing

Over time, voids and spaces can start to form as your bricks, and their mortar begins to weather and decay. Not only does this make your home look more unattractive, but it also paves the way for water from entering these cracks.....Read More

5 Things To Know About Brick Waterproofing On Your NYC Home

Learn how to protect your NYC home with this article by Eden Brick Pointing Contractors covering 5 Things To Know About Brick Waterproofing On Your NYC Home.....Read More

The Ins and Outs of California Stucco

When deciding what siding material to apply to your home, consider California stucco. An experienced brick pointing contractor can give your New Jersey home the look of ancient Greek buildings with an application of stucco, and your siding will last up to 50 years.....Read More

4 Signs That You Have A Failing Concrete Driveway In Need Of Replacement

Although a concrete driveway is one of the more durable surfaces out there, between the constant exposure from water, sunlight, and the pressure of daily traffic, both foot and vehicle, it is going to start to wear and break down over time, undermining its overall integrity and causing damages that might be too severe for repairs.Read More

4 Signs Of A Bad Masonry Foundation

The foundation of your NYC home is a very important factor in how long you home is going to last. When your home has a weak or damaged masonry foundation, it is usually going to mean that your home will eventually become uneven, and can eve develop other various issues throughout its various... Read More

Understanding the Difference Between NYC Brick Pointing, Tuckpointing & Spot Pointing

brick pointing NYCYou hear terms like Brick Pointing, Tuckpointing and Spot Pointing – maybe even repointing – thrown around in relation to brick structures, but it can be difficult to know what it all means. For one thing, it is important to know because this could be the difference between maintaining the look and structural integrity... Read More

Determining If NYC Parapet Walls Are For You

parapet walls NYCWhat a parapet was used for upon its inception is much different than the purposes it serves in modern day. Originally, this type of a wall was used for protection for anyone on a rooftop trying to fight off possible invaders on the ground below. So it is easy... Read More

What You Need to Know About Window Sills & Window Lintels in NYC

brick window sills NYCOwning a residential or commercial building in NYC means you are likely to have some of the most impressive architectural work available. From historical buildings to modern day structural masterpieces, we take great pride in our scenery around here, which is vastly made up of the cityscape. One of the details that goes into making this architectural scenery are the windows... Read More

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