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5 Things To Know About Brick Waterproofing On Your NYC Home

bricks NYCThere are so many beautiful old homes and buildings in New York City that have been restored and renovated over the years, particularly the old brick and masonry structures that have been exposed to years of harsh winter weather. As a NYC brick pointing company who’s handle many masonry restoration projects, including brick waterproofing and repair, we’re thrilled to see the restoration process of our city continuing to unfold right before our eyes.

To help local NYC homeowners understand how to prevent this type of weather damage to their brick or masonry homes, our pros at Eden Brick Pointing Contractors wanted to share a few tips on brick waterproofing and seal coating. If you have any questions about brick waterproofing or concerns you need help with, don’t hesitate to give us a call!

Brick Waterproofing Should Be Done on Every NYC Home with Brick or Masonry

A lot of people don’t know that brick waterproofing is necessary. This is likely due to the fact that after a home is newly constructed, the brick waterproofing has already been done and no one helped the NYC homeowner to become aware of this necessary brick maintenance. Once the sealant wears down after a few years, the brick and mortar are laid bare to the weather. Here in our climate, the exposure can affect the strength of the brick and mortar much more quickly. Add the UV ray damage from the sun to the mix, and the brick and masonry can start to get seriously damaged in just a decade or two, particularly in areas around the base of the house where water damage usually occurs first.

Benefits of Brick Waterproofing

  • Brick Sealing Protects Brick From Water Damage
  • UV-Resistant Waterproofing Products Protect Brick from UV Damage
  • Helps to Preserve Your Home’s Value
  • Helps to Repel Stains
  • Prevents Damage From Snow and Ice
  • Strengthens The Brick
  • Brings Back The Rick Color of Brick and Enhances The Look Of Your Home
  • Makes Cleaning The Brick Easier
  • Reduces Mortar Loosening and Cracks
  • Helps to Prevent Weeds and Grass From Growing In Between Bricks

Chimney Bricks Need A Special Brick Sealer

Chimney bricks need to be treated a little different because of how moisture escapes from the inside of the chimney. A special chimney masonry sealer needs to be used to allow the moisture to escape. It still waterproofs the exterior brick.

When To Get Brick Waterproofing Done

Whether it’s a newly constructed NYC home or a good portion of the brick has been replaced, all new brick installations should be followed by sealcoating the brick and masonry joints. Brick waterproofing should also be done as a part of regular home maintenance here in New York City about every 3-5 years depending on the product. Higher quality brick waterproofing products will last the longest, which we recommend because of our harsh winter climate.

Thorocoat May Be The Better Solution For Old Brick Homes or Basements In NYC

Our NYC brick pointing company often recommends using Thorocoat and Thoroseal for basements and homes with older brick. This thicker masonry seal coating system actually provides a beautiful new surface for the porous old brick exterior and masonry block basements. It waterproofs, protects, and looks great!

If you are interested in waterproofing your brick work with Thoroseal or Thorocoat in NYC, please call 718-729-3121 or complete our online request form.

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