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Determining If NYC Parapet Walls Are For You

parapet walls NYCWhat a parapet was used for upon its inception is much different than the purposes it serves in modern day. Originally, this type of a wall was used for protection for anyone on a rooftop trying to fight off possible invaders on the ground below. So it is easy to see why some people do no immediately see the usefulness of one in modern times. First, it is a good idea to get an idea of what exactly NYC parapet walls are and how they're used in the city.

This is a type of low wall usually used to enclose a roof or could be the protective barrier at the edge of a terrace, or even the side of a bridge. Typically it is about 3 foot high but the size, design and location can vary. This may be a matter of personal preference or to accommodate the method in which this wall will be used. But what exactly does that mean for you and your home?

Modern Uses for Parapet Walls in NYC

One of the most common uses for this type of brick wall is to help prevent people or property from falling off the roof by acting as a barrier. This is ideal for anyone with a rooftop terrace or roof garden. However, it is also commonly installed as another method of protection – in an effort to help slow the spread of fire in the event that one should break out. Of course, sometimes the reason is not protection but simply cosmetic.

One way a parapet wall in NYC may be used for visual aesthetics is to conceal blemishes or traits of the rooftop that may not be so appealing. This also makes it possible to create the illusion that your rooftop is flat, even if it is not. Some people even use this to conceal anything that they may need to store on the roof, such as unsightly vents and ductwork. Now, the only thing that you need to know is what NYC brick pointing company to call on in order to get this type of work done.

Calling in the Experts for NYC Parapet Walls

Eden Brick Pointing Contractors is the only name that you need to know so that you can get the results you want, need and should be able to expect when it comes to NYC parapet walls. We take great pride in the work that we do and that is evident in the results that we are able to get with each customer that we work with. If you live in the NYC area would like to find out more about adding a parapet wall to your structure, or if you simply need work on the one that you already have, all you have to do is give us a call.

If you are looking for an expert for brick parapet walls in NYC, then please call 718-729-3121 or complete our online request form.

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